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//44// Public Entry of something.

....You know what really annoys me? Liars and hypocrites, and so, this entry is for public eyes to see(I do NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK if you give me flames.). For one thing, *you* are NEVER going to read my entries. I might as well tell you that it's not all fun and games when I'm pissed off, oh no. >) Now, let's do I do this?

lankyanimelass, for one, WHY did you friend me? If you read my requirements to be friened, I specifically said "+Also, I don't friend everyone. DO NOT ADD ME TO HAVE A HUGE FRIEND'S LIST. I WILL NOT ADD YOU BACK." So, why should you be friended? Give me a valid excuse, and I MIGHT friend you. Also, the thing about friending some of my friends really does piss me off. If you thought of WHY people have THEIR journals FRIENDS ONLY is because they don't want their entries given out to the public for distribution.

Also, how LONG did it take you to credit your icons?! I guess a whole long time, considering the amount of stupidity you possess. Now, I am being as sane as possible while writing this.

And why did you friend my friends? -.-; That really does make me aggravated, since I'm protective of my friends.

Now, I think this shall get the damn point through. >/ -zooms off-
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