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I have been resurrected from the depths of hell, like a phoenix!

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the infinite reason of progression to the future.
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Welcome to the LiveJournal belonging to a girl named Liz. She has dozens of nicknames, though the most commonly used ones are Chikane, Yuuko, Utena, Ritsuka and Sephiroth. She's the Yuuko to Watanuki who is rhapsodos. She's also the Ritsuka to Soubi, Seimei and others. She's the Sephiroth to quite a bit of people, though when you aggravate or piss her off, she's not the one you want to come back asking for forgiveness. She holds grudges like no one's business. Though, she does forgive people, but that's only when they've proven themselves to be forgiven in the first place. Though, this shouldn't discourage you from adding her! She's actually a kind and warm individual who loves friends.

Though, if you want to know more about me, some random facts are that I will fangirl over things. Mostly, they'll be my current/life-sticking fandoms. On the other hand, she will fangirl over her music bands. However, I have my fits of depression, hell, look back on my entries and they were filled to the brim with nothing but useless emo. My outlook on life has definitely changed since then and she's become more optimistic! Some basic facts about me are that I'm fifteen, I'm an atheist, I'm a lesbian and I am taken by the most wonderful girl a person could have. She alone puts up with my insanity and yet, she pulls me out of my momentary depression.

To sum myself all up, I'm just me and that's all there is to it!

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